Applications for lets may be made online following the link below. Please use the Contact form if you wish to make preliminary enquiries.

Lets will be subject to availability and appropriate usage, as determined by the Trustees.

Because of the primary nature of the hall as a music/arts venue, we are not able to accommodate strenuous activities such as ball games, bouncy castles, etc. We should also point out that there are very limited facilities for some functions: no catering, no alcohol license, and events must normally end by 11:00pm (as a condition of our lease).

“30-minute rule” – bookings are normally for units of 30 minutes (1 hour minimum) with 30 minutes between lets to allow for smooth changeovers.

Please note: we are not currently taking bookings for private parties and related one-off functions.

Suggestions for alternative local venues – in case we cannot accomodate you.

Online application: Please use the Contact form, entering details of the dates/times requested, nature of the proposed activity, number and age range of participants, etc.

A formal application form is available here, if required.

Coronavirus restrictions (if applicable): All user groups are required to conform to current guidelines. Please consult the COVID-19 page for further information.


The small print…

Terms and Conditions of Let

  • Landlord – DCB Kessington
  • Hirer – the Organisation or person wishing to use the premises
  • The premises are accepted by the Hirer as being in good condition and repair.
  • The Hirer agrees to leave the premises in a clean and tidy condition at the end of each let.
  • The Hirer shall make good any damage caused to the premises through their use of it.
  • The premises shall be used by the Hirer for the sole purposes as described in this agreement.
  • The Hirer shall be responsible for removing all waste from the premises.
  • The Hirer shall be responsible for obtaining licenses that may be required for the performance of music which is covered by the Performing Rights Society.
  • The Hirer shall be responsible for observing all regulations of the Fire Authority and Local Authority.
  • The Hirer shall return all items moved to their usual position.
  • The Hirer shall be responsible for providing adequate insurance cover for themselves, those associated with them and their equipment and any other property they bring into the premises.
  • The Hirer shall be responsible for providing adequate public liability insurance cover in respect of their use of the premises; and
  • The Landlord shall be entitled to request copies of the relevant insurance policies to ensure that these are adequate and valid.
Children, young people and vulnerable persons:
  • The Hirer confirms that they are aware of the requirements of the relevant legislation relating to the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable persons. They further confirm they have made themselves familiar with the Safeguarding materials relating to work with Children, Young People and Vulnerable Persons.
  • The Landlord shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or claim by any party of any kind, including claims in respect of any deficiency in respect of the premises or the Landlord arising out of this let; and the Hirer shall indemnify the Landlord against all such loss, damage or claims.
  • Either the hall shall be opened and closed for the Hirer or keys/keycodes will be provided for the purposes of the Hirer opening and closing the hall during the period of their let.
  • On conclusion of the let period and if no further lets are to be arranged the keys will be returned to the Hall Manager.
  • Keys will be used only for access and egress at the times specified in this agreement. A register of key holders will be maintained by the Hall Manager and no keys shall be copied without written permission of the Hall Manager.
  • The Hirer will be responsible for the setting out and clearing away of any tables, chairs etc that are required by them for the purposes of their activity.
  • Emergency contacts shall be provided by the Hall Manager at the beginning of the let.
  • No alcohol will be consumed on the premises without prior agreement and the appropriate license being obtained by the Hirer.
Electrical equipment:
  • Any electrical equipment being used within the let must have been electrically tested within the last 12 months by a competent person to demonstrate its electrical safety before being used on the premises.
  • Equipment so inspected or tested should be labelled appropriately or evidence of the electrical safety check of each item shall be provided to the Hall Manager.
  • Noise is to be kept to reasonable levels so as not to cause nuisance to neighbours at all times including when vacating the premises.
  • All functions shall cease by 11:00pm unless otherwise agreed.
Cancellation of let:
  • The let may be cancelled by either party giving 1 week’s notice in writing (email is acceptable) to the other party.
  • No compensation will be given to the Hirer if the let has to be cancelled at short notice for whatever reason.
  • For recurring lets, agreement is required every 3 months.
Rental arrangements:
  • The rent shall be agreed in advance of the start date.
  • Single bookings will be paid for on or before the day of use and in full.
  • Recurring room use will be paid monthly in arrears by the Hirer to the Landlord.
  • If additional costs are levied on the Landlord because of the Hirers’ use of the premises, the Hirer will be bound to refund to the Landlord the amount concerned.